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How To Calm Your Toddler

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A toddler experiences the same feelings as any adult. However, while an adult can reassure himself, a child looks up to adults around him to soothe him. There can be a number of situations when a toddler feels the need to be reassured like being worried, upset or anxious. One of the ways of reassuring a toddler is to draw out what’s troubling him by asking him questions and clearing his doubts or misconceptions. However, there are other strategies as well. Read our ClipBook to know more about this topic.


What To Do (And Not Do) When Children Are Anxious

None of us wants to see a child unhappy, but the best way to help kids overcome anxiety isn’t to try to remove stressors that trigger it. It’s to help them learn to tolerate their anxiety and function as well as they can, even when they’re anxious.

Easing Your Toddler's Or Preschooler's Fears

Your child is especially vulnerable to fear at this age because of his highly active imagination. (That's why he might be terrified of make-believe creatures or obsessed with unlikely disasters.) It's also normal for him to obsess over the thing t...

How To Calm A Hyper Toddler

Sometimes toddlers seem to have only two speeds: turbocharged and asleep. Their effortless ability to shift between the two makes adults envious, as little ones often recharge their batteries with only a quick nap. When toddlers become overstimula...

How To Comfort An Upset Child

Nobody likes having to deal with an upset child. If your little one is hurt, scared or sad, your heart breaks for her. If she's mad, frustrated or having a tantrum, it can make you mad, frustrated or a little nuts. You want to be there for her and...

How To Soothe A Fussy Toddler: 12 To 18 Months

After the candles are blown out on your little one's first birthday cake, it's to the baby days—welcome to toddlerhood! With a full-fledged toddler on your hands, life gets a lot more interesting, but it can also get more frustrating. One-year-old...

How To Soothe A Crying Toddler: 18 To 24 Months

Once you've passed the 18-month mark, you're no longer dealing with a fussy baby; you've got a temperamental toddler on your hands, and he's ready to fight to get what he wants. When your little guy was just a baby, his cries were easy to remedy w...

How To Reassure Your Children About Bad Headlines In The World Right Now

The Headline: Swine Flu is spreading to the UK Even though there are still relatively few cases here it’s still important to tell kids to take precautions, says Dr Brian McGirr, Chief Medical Adviser at Healthcare Connections. “Explain they don’...

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