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How To Calm A Colicky Baby


A baby suffering from colic can be a difficult situation for the parents involved. Not only does the baby cry uncontrollably but continuously as well.

So, how do parents handle this situation and calm a colicky baby? To start, parents.com says colic is a condition that causes pain in the baby’s gastrointestinal tract. Symptoms include abdominal pain, a distended belly, irritability and long, inconsolable bouts of crying. However, it rarely lasts beyond the baby’s third month.

WebMd has suggested some tips to calm a colicky baby that include:

• Swaddle your baby: Parents can ensure the baby is wrapped to the point where she can’t wriggle her arms and legs free.

• Try shifting positions: Parents can try to cradle a colicky baby face down with the hand under the belly and the head on the forearm. The pressure on the tummy can help relieve uncomfortable gas.

• Pacify the baby: Infants often have a strong sucking instinct, so a pacifier can calm a colicky baby.

• Take a ride with the baby: Babies in the womb get used to a lot of motion. Parents can try this method with the baby to try and get her to sleep. Put her in a swing, cradle her in a rocking chair or lay her on a vibrant infant seat.

• Baby massage: Massage can do wonders to a colicky baby because most babies love skin-to-skin contact. Plus, infants who are massaged cry less and sleep better.

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