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How To Become A Sports Journalist

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There are now more opportunities for sports journalism than ever before. According to an article in The Guardian, “Broadcasting isn't the only aspect of sport journalism to consider. There are lots of other areas that are just as fun and interesting, from print-press and digital news to social media and blogging.”

To become a sports journalist, or any type of journalist, you should first enrol yourself in courses related to communication or journalism. It is important for aspiring sports journalists to read news reports widely, and watch and listen closely to sports coverage on television. A working knowledge of foreign language, knowledge of some softwares like InDesign or search engine optimisation, or cultivating a niche skill etc. enhances employment prospects of journalists. You should also focus on learning how to write with authority on any sport.

For a successful career in sports journalism, you must have a keen interest in the sport you want to cover. You also need to have a passion for traveling and meeting new people, as you may be required to travel to different places for live reporting and analysis of sporting events. And as is true for all reporting jobs, you must have the ability to complete your work within strict deadlines. Journalism.co.uk opines that, “Sports writers work to some of the tightest deadlines in journalism and are still expected to uphold all the same professional, legal and ethical standards, so having that solid foundation of what it means to be a reporter is fundamental.”

For more tips on how to become a sports journalist, you can read the articles in this ClipBook. 


Sports Journalism

Broadcasting isn't the only aspect of sports journalism to consider. There are lots of other areas that are just as fun and interesting, from print-press and digital news to social media and blogging.

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