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How To Be Good At Taking Notes

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“The problem with making mental notes is that the ink fades very rapidly.” - Rolf Smith

All of us know what this quote means and have experienced the same, perhaps many times. Taking notes, writing them down, is an art. This can be practiced and mastered. Good note taking makes for good studying. “A relatively easy way for students to improve their retention and comprehension is by learning how to effectively take notes. Several studies have been done on the importance of taking lecture notes in college and how doing so improves a student’s grades,” says jerz.setonhill.edu.

Note taking is a study method in itself. It is a discipline. It helps you understand and organize what you are learning. Note taking generally accompanies reading and listening to lectures and make these more successful.

There are different techniques of note taking. These include mind mapping, page splits, dynamic outlines and many more. Experts advise that you must understand why you are taking notes, what your study style is and how to link your notes to your syllabus.

Digital devices, including iPhones and other smartphones, have brought into existence many helpful applications and other digitally supported ways to take notes.

How can your notes be impeccable? What preparation is required before you begin taking notes? How has digitization changed the art of note taking?

You will find the information you need in this ClipBook. Breeze through it and become an expert in the art of note taking.

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