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How To Be A Great Mom To A Toddler


With the onset of technology and a rise in working mothers, many parents are hooked to their smartphones or are just ‘too busy’ to spend time with their toddler. However, your baby also needs your quality time. This bond that you share with your toddler will help nurture him into a happy, successful human being later in life.

While it is easy to preach about spending quality time, how does one strike the right work-life balance? Simple, plan well! According to Microsoft News (MSN), in a press conference, famous actor Aishwarya Rai spoke about motherhood, saying, "Enjoy your motherhood years no matter how consuming it might be. You must always remember that having a child is a blessing. Plan well and give everything its sweet time.”

You don’t have to be with your child 24/7, just quality time together is enough. You can read books to your child, take him to the park, or play games with him. It doesn’t matter what you do, just a little quality time goes a long way. So what games can you play with your toddler? Peekaboo! According to, “Just as your toddler loved peekaboo as a baby, he will love to play simple games of hide-and-seek. First thing in the morning, take turns hiding under the bed sheets. At bath time, use a big towel. For extra fun and giggles, you can gently prod him when he's hiding. Say something like, "Hmm, is this a leg? Or is it an arm?" Besides, if not anything, there’s always play doh that will keep you and your child occupied!

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