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How To Avoid Or Deal With Divorce?

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Separation Mediation With Child Input Changes Sharing Of Care

Family mediation focused on children’s feelings leads to parents agreeing to decrease conflict and provide more father parenting time, finds pilot study.

Shared Custody Increases Contact With Grandparents

Contact with paternal grandparents rises when custody shared compared to sole mother residence, while contact with maternal grandparents changes less.

Regular Overnights With Dad After Divorce Is Good For Children

The days are past when experts advised divorced dads to make a clean break from the family and remain, at best, visitors in their children’s lives. Growing awareness that children do best with two parents, whether parents are living together or se...

Children Raised Within Marriage Do Better On Average

Plenty of research shows that children who are raised by their married, biological parents tend to be healthier (both mentally and physically) and do better in school, than children who are not raised within marriage. But why? Read on to know more...

Parents Who Share Family Time At Meals Are Less Likely To Get Divorced

Researchers have found that families who spend 30 more minutes per day than other families in family mealtimes have a 30% less risk of parental separation – but only if the TV isn’t on during the meal.

What Drives Young Adults To Return To Live With Their Parents?

A US study recently examined what distinguishes the lives of young adults who have returned to live with their parents. Whilst it is now normal for young adults to return home to live with parents, the researchers found some factors that increased...

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