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How Pets Impact A Child's Mental Health



How Pets Can Impact Children's Mental Health

Not everyone thinks of pets as a resource to help people with reading, emotional wellness and mental health. The power of pets on children’s mental health may surprise some. Read on to know about how pets can impact the mental health of children.

Pets Can Help In Your Child's Development

Adding a furry or feathered friend to your household can be a wonderful thing. Some of the bigger perks: Pets can boost self-esteem and lower stress for everyone in the family, and they can teach your little one a lot about love and responsibility.

Children With Pets Have Better Mental Health

A study by Barbara Wood at Capital University showed that children with severe emotional handicaps measurably improved when therapy included a pet. Green Chimneys, a group of “farm campuses” in the state of New York that accepts children with seve...

The Effects Of Seeing Animal Abuse On Children's Mental Health

For children who live in a situation of domestic violence, also witnessing animal cruelty may negatively impact resilience. A research by Shelby McDonald (Virginia Commonwealth University) looks at the effects of seeing animal abuse on children’s ...

Pet Therapy And Your Child

Pet Therapy is a type of treatment that uses trained animals to help people cope with a variety of issues, including illness and mental health issues. Pet therapy sessions are guided by the animal’s handler, who is trained in pet therapy.

Children With Pets Are Healthier Than Those Without: Study

According to a 2015 research from St George’s, University of London, it was found that owning a dog could help lower the risk of childhood obesity, as dog-owning families take part in more physical exercise and are less sedentary.

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