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How Pets Can Help Children With Special Needs

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Pets And Children With Special Needs

Can pets and children with special needs go together? Of course, they can! Our expert weighs in on how to determine if your special needs child will benefit from having a pet and what things to consider before bringing one home.

Animal Therapy For Children With Special Needs

Research shows that animals have the natural ability to improve our mood, lower our blood pressure and provide a pleasurable rush of feel-good chemicals.For children with special needs, animals play an incredibly important role.

Animals Help Children Overcome Challenges

From dogs to horses, they're being used by innovative therapists to calm, motivate and teach kids.Dogs have been trained for many different roles, from helping reluctant readers, who feel more comfortable reading aloud to a patient, nonjudgmental ...

Are Pets The Key To Treating Autism?

Having a pet can dramatically improve the level of social interaction in autistic children, researchers have said. Although previous research has focused on dogs, a new study claims any kind of pet has a similar effect.

Autism And Pets: More Evidence Of Social Benefits

A study published in the Journal of Pediatric Nursing, surveyed parents of children who had autism about the children’s interactions with dogs. It found that those children with autism who had a family pet from a young age tended to have greater s...

How Pets Can Help Kids With Autism

While research has previously found that companion animals help kids with autism function better socially, a study by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. shows that children on the spectrum who play...

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