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How Parenting Has Changed Over The Years


Technological advancements, globalisation, the growth of mass media - all these have influenced the way we lead our lives. Our approach to parenting is no exception to this. Here's a peek into how parenting has changed over the years.


10 Things Parents Didn't Do 10 Years Ago

I always thought that you needed to be very old and very cranky to begin a sentence, "When my kids were young...." It turns out, the urge to look backwards can overwhelm us even before our kids have left home. If you see a crazy middle-aged mom ru...

The Biggest Changes In Parenthood In The Past 20 Years

More involved dads Over the past 20 years, dads have become much more actively engaged with their kids, as the amount of time the average father spends on childcare increased 100 percent (to seven hours per week)—its highest level since data first...

6 Ways Parenting Advice Has Changed Over The Years

You should let your baby co-sleep. You should never let your baby sleep with you. You should start feeding solids. You should wait to feed solids. You should give your children some freedom. You should keep a tight leash on them. Parenting is toug...

How Parenting Has Changed Through The Generations

As an Emmy and Golden Globe nominee, Rob Morrow is a critically acclaimed actor, writer, and director with an established career in television spanning over three decades. He is best known for his Emmy Award-nominated role in “Northern Exposure” a...

Longing For The Carefree Parenting Style Of Yesterday?

Motherhood has changed a lot since I grew up in the 1960s. Back then, Dr. Spock was the only guide for child-rearing. Today, there are too many manuals to count and Google is just a click away from parental questions answered.

It's Not Your Mom And Dad's Parenting

So much of how you parent is shaped by how you were parented. There are things you do in the same way, because you see them as correct, or wise, or because they’re the only way you know.

Parenting Styles Have Changed But Children Have Not

A story that has gone unreported for all three reasons is the gradual and pervasive change in parenting styles that has occurred in this country since the 1940s, and the consequences (or lack of consequences) of that change.

The Collapse Of Parenting: Why It’S Time For Parents To Grow Up

If anyone can be called the boss in modern, anti-hierarchical parenthood, it’s the children.

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