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How Parental Squabbles Affect Children


Disagreements are a part of everyday life. It is inevitable that you and your spouse will have disagreements every now and then. However, you should try not to let parental conflicts leave a negative impression on children. By following some simple guidelines, you can ensure that your squabbles do not affect them. To know more, flip through the pages below.


Are You Constantly Fighting In Front Of Your Children?

When children see their parents argue they learn that disagreements, differences, and emotional upsets are part of normal human behavior – as are hurt feelings and the ability to expand one’s respect for the differences between two people.

What Happens To Children When Parents Fight?

Conflict is a normal part of everyday experience, so it’s not whether parents fight that is important. It’s how the conflict is expressed and resolved, and especially how it makes children feel that has important consequences for children.

Parental Conflicts And Their Damaging Effects On Children

Every married couple argues from time to time about money, how to raise the children and other issues, but doing so in front of the children is not OK. Studies have shown that discord among parents can cause a host of negative reactions in childre...

Children Affected Negatively When Parents Fight

Psychologists have long known that a strong child-parent bond is key to children's mental health and social adjustment. The new research suggests that it's just as important for children to feel secure about their parents' relationship with each o...

Arguing Parents Could Damage Their Baby For Life, Study Claims

Parents who argue in front of their baby cause them lasting damage because they are likely to suffer from stress in later life, a study has found.

9 Rules For Fighting In Front Of Your Children

Read on for nine things to keep in mind when arguments break out, from which topics are and aren't okay for tiny ears to hear to how to ensure your children learn from your disagreements.

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