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How New Mothers Can Get More Sleep


Meet any new mommy and the first thing she laments about is of course, the lack of sleep and associated tiredness. 

In the first few months, newborn babies tend to stay awake and active at night and sleep during the day, or end up waking several times for their feed at night. Consequently, the mother too has to wake up during those times and tend to her baby, thereby disrupting her much-needed rest.

 This disruption to sleep patterns can make you feel tired and dazed to deal with the day.

Further, studies point out that apart from the demands of the newborn disrupting your sleep, hormonal changes also wreak havoc on your sleep patterns. Quite disheartening isn't it?

However, take heart, it does get better. With a little bit of planning and some smart tips, brand-new parents can tide through this phase. Before you hit the bed today, equip yourself with some good knowledge on this topic.

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