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How Germs Can Be Your Child's Best Friend


Germs are tiny, invisible bacteria that are all around us. They are behind most illnesses. But, did you know that not all germs are bad?

A study shows babies who are exposed to household germs during their first year appear to have lower allergy and asthma risk.

Teaching children about germs can be difficult but helpful. Go through this ClipBook to know more about how germs are beneficial to children's growth.


All You Need Know About Germs

Germs are found all over the world, in all kinds of places. Germs are microscopic organisms that need a host to live. There are some good bacteria in your body, that keeps germs away.

Good Vs Bad Germs

Germs are tiny, one-celled creatures that get nutrition from their surroundings in order to survive. Some germs cause infections, some infections that bacteria cause are sore throats, ear infections and pneumonia. There few good ones that help kee...

How Playing In The Dirt Benefits The Immune System

Children should be exposed to germs to help build stronger immune systems. Playing outside barefoot every now and again and digging in the dirt more often would do wonders for the health of children.

Teaching About Germs For Children

It is important to teach our children about basic hygiene, some kids are prone to going overboard. In general, parents should have a relaxed, matter-of-fact attitude towards germs and cleanliness.

How Germs Can Be Your Child's Best Friend

Parents often try to make their kids' world germ-free, but surprise: Most bacteria are actually good for us. A research suggests that exposing infants to germs may offer them greater protection from illnesses such as allergies and asthma later on ...

The Difference Between Good Bacteria And Bad Bacteria?

The human body encounters both good and bad bacteria daily. Good bacteria, also known as beneficial bacteria, are defined as any bacteria that are beneficial to the body and enhance health. Bacteria can survive in the harshest conditions and they ...

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