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How Does One Build Inner Discipline?

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“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” — Jim Rohn

Most of us think of discipline as obedience, which is a wrong notion. In fact, fostering a sense of discipline in children is all about guiding and helping them to understand how to regulate their emotions and behaviour. A warm but firm parenting approach encourages the behaviour you want in your children. Although it is not an easy task, parents can develop inner discipline in their children by adopting a patient and positive approach.

To develop discipline in children, parents first need to understand their children. As children grow, they also develop some needs and desires. Parents need to provide their children with an environment where children can satisfy their needs. It is also important to allow children to make choices. Allowing children to make choices helps them learn how to consider, evaluate and make choices. Establish rules, as rules serve to guide the behaviour and actions of children. As children grow up, be ready to discuss the rules and make changes to accommodate their needs. But if children break the rules, instead of punishing them, take action that will make children understand that following rules is important. According to the article ‘Myths About Discipline’ written by Kesang Menezes in, ‘Punishing your child deters him from repeating the offending behaviour for a short while. Through threats and punishment, we can get a child to do what we want. But we must also realize why he is not repeating this offending behaviour. It is mostly because he wants to avoid getting punished’.

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