How Diff Countries Celebrate Halloween

The Austrian Halloween - Perchtenlauf

In Austria we have no such thing as Halloween. Instead we have the traditional Perchtenlauf. Perchten are "evil spirits" who introduce the winters end.

Chinese Culture: Halloween In China

Do Chinese people celebrate Halloween? China has a similar holiday to Halloween called [guǐ jié] 鬼节, also known as "Ghost Festival" in English. During the fe...

Halloween In England - History And Traditions For Kids

,thought to be the one night of the year when ghosts, witches, and fairies are especially active. Why do we celebrate halloween?

Halloween In France

Some of the earliest Halloween traditions started in Europe, and indeed Halloween began in neighbouring U.K. Yet the festival was seen as primarily an American holiday with little or no fanfare with the French. Most French people have ignored the ...

Traditional Irish Samhain Feast

With Halloween parades and carnivals entertaining the masses and Irish children going trick-or-treating with plastic pumpkins you might be excused for thinking that is dead. But stop ... is this not the night the dead can return? And indeed they d...

How Mexican People Celebrate The Day Of The Dead

Halloween, or All Hallows' Eve, is celebrated on 31 October, the day before the Christian feast day All Saints Day, which commemorates all the religion's saints. That day is followed by All Souls Day, during which people pray for the dead. During ...

Halloween In Japan

No One is allowed to walk through the Reserved Forest. Everyone is advised to saty in the Resorts Regognized by the Government.

How Do Filipinos Celebrate The Halloween?

The following are the chain of events during the Halloween celebration: : This is the start of the clean-up of cemeteries and the graves of the loved ones. The graves get fresh paint, grasses are cut, floors are swept and everything is made ready ...

Scottish Halloween Traditions

Of all the seasonal holidays, Halloween is one of my favourites. It might not have the spiritual significance or inspire the same giddy expectation as Christmas, but there’s just something about its macabre theatricality which never fails to bring...

10 Best Halloween Celebrations In The U.S.

Parties, parades, and haunted houses are only a few of the activities you can find at the best Halloween events in America.

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How Diff Countries Celebrate Halloween

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Check out how different countries celebrate halloween.