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How Dads Can Bond With Teens


“A dad – son’s first hero and daughter’s first love,” said John Walter Bratton, an American composer and theatrical producer.

When your children were little, they would have doted over you. They would have come running to hug you when you returned home after office, and your shoulders would have been their most favourite place to sit on. But gradually, as they grew into their adolescence and teenage, they would have grown apart from you too.

If you want to be your teenager’s idol like you were before, here’s how you could develop the bond. “Dads can find new ways to bond with their children in the teenage years. For example, you might find yourselves sharing leisure activities that you both enjoy, such as watching movies, sport or getting out for some exercise. Teenagers might also turn to their dads for help in areas such as deciding on careers, getting a drivers licence or managing money,” suggests an article in

Also, as a dad, you need to realise how vital the bond you share with your teen is, to him or her. According to research, teenagers, who have actively involved and caring fathers have faced fewer problems with relationships and have improved self-esteem and mental health. Keeping this in mind, you need to work on forming a bond with your teen, in the various beneficial ways as given in this ClipBook.

So, go through this ClipBook for more suggestions on how to inculcate bond with your teens and set a good example for them, as your son learns from you how to behave like a man, and your girl learns from you what to expect from a man.


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