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How Comparison Hurts Children



What Parents Need To Know About Comparing Children

Don't compare children in front of your child. If a friend's child won a gold medal, don't discuss it in front of your child, especially if your child is a weak student. It is far better you speak to your child directly and work with him to improv...

When Parents Compare Children

Comparing a child's development with other children is not necessarily a bad thing, but when parents become competitive, the result can be troublesome, according to family counselor Jill Hutchins.

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Compare Your Child With Others

Children are tender beings and they do not take too well to negative criticism. And if the criticism involves telling them how others are better than they are in some way, then it is all the more painful. Here are some reasons why we should not co...

6 Negative Effects Of Comparing A Child With Others

Many parents compare their child with other kids. The parents' reason for doing so is to challenge their kid and instill a sense of competition. However, there are several negative effects of comparing a child with others. Read on...

Comparing Your Child To Their Siblings Can Cause A Lifetime Of Harm

Parenting styles can influence what kind of person a child grows up to be, but beyond actions, the way a parent simply thinks about their child can make an impact. Researchers from Brigham Young University found a significant and often overlooked ...

Stop Comparing Your Child

Sometimes the sole motivation of comparing your child to others is to instigate competition in the child. So that this feeling can push the child to perform at par with his capabilities and excel.But is this working for your child? Read on to find...

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