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How Can Moms Deal With Body Shaming

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New mothers have a lot to deal with. Apart from the little miracle in their lives, who needs constant attention, the irregular sleep schedules, underactive thyroid glands, missed meals, the incredible stress of parenting wreak havoc on a mom. 

It is inevitable that many moms tend to put on weight after the birth of their baby. But what makes people shame someone’s body? Is it their own insecurities? In this ClipBook, we give mothers some valuable tips on dealing body shaming.  


Strategies To Prevent Body Shaming

I've noticed that some people even bond over self-shaming. I've especially experienced this with American women. Bonding over body shaming may be less common among other genders, but that doesn't mean they don't trash-talk their bodies as well. I'...

What To Remember When You Encounter Body Shaming

These days, most of us are lucky enough to be presented with a lot of media that tells us what body shaming actually is. One thing we're missing, however, is information on what to do when confronted with body shaming. For me, learning how to rea...

Types Of Mom-Shaming—And How To Shut Them Down

When you're a mom, everyone is a critic There are some new mom myths that are totally not true, but here's what is true: Being a new mom in public is like wearing a "kick me" sign, except the invitation is to not physically kick you but emotionall...

20 Celeb Moms Who Refuse To Be Body-Shamed

Ginger Zee is embracing her post-baby body. In fact, she says she’s never felt better! “I am so healthy and happy right now,” the “Good Morning America” and “World News Tonight with David Muir” meteorologist told PEOPLE. Zee, who battled anorexia...

6 Effective Ways For Moms To Deal With Body Shaming

Have you been bullied on social media for your post-delivery weight gain? Has a stranger made a rude comment about your body? We tell you how to deal with body shamers It was a day I was focusing on the legs. I had conquered squats, lunges, leg p...

How To Deal With Parent Shaming

You hear all the time about things like fat shaming and body shaming and all those horrible instances of one person making another person feel bad about themselves. Recently a woman named Nicole Arbour gained a great deal of infamy due to her “Fat...

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