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How Audio Books Encourage Reading In Children

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Importance Of Books In The Age Of Smartphones And Tablets

In this age of technology, we are slowly forgetting to hold and read books. Easy access to all information is somewhat making us impatient. Children who are read to regularly have a much finer vocabulary and diction than those children to whom boo...

The Literary Benefits Of Reading

Children take great pleasure in listening to stories, and there are some terrific books on tape available at bookstores and most public libraries. Tapes and CD's that come with a copy of the book are particularly valuable because your child can fo...

What Is An Audiobook?

As the name would suggest, audiobooks are voice recordings that you can listen to rather than reading the text of a book or other type of publication. Audiobooks can be an exact word-for-word version of a book or a shortened (abridged) recording.

Why Audiobooks Are Great For Your Child

Audiobooks can improve your child’s reading by increasing his exposure to a range of vocabulary and syntax and helping him to engage intellectually with the content. Read-along book and CD sets can also help him link the printed and spoken word.

How Audiobooks Help Children Who Struggle With Reading

Teachers and parents who read aloud to children have long known that good stories have the power to captivate the most restless of children. Before books became the main means of conveying information, spoken word was the vehicle for sharing cultu...

A Legitimate “Reading” Material For Adolescents

A study was conducted to determine the impact of the use of audiobooks with struggling readers in a school library audiobook club. The findings indicated that struggling readers’ use of audiobooks had a positive impact on reading skills and attitu...

Audiobooks Encourage Readers

When it comes to kids and reading, most of the discussions center around just getting kids to read. While plenty of parents are successful at building young readers, once kids are old enough for video games and the like, it becomes all too easy to...

7 Reasons Children Should Listen To Audiobooks

One of the main advantages of audiobooks is that you can pace the information you consume. Read on to know more about the other reasons why you should listen to audiobooks.

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