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How Are Cyclones Named?

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The latest cyclone making the headlines is Gaja, which means elephant in Sanskrit. The coastal areas of Tamil Nadu are witnessing heavy rainfall, thanks to Gaja. 

The unusual name of the cyclone got us wondering as to how cyclones get their names.

The convention of naming cyclones was started by meteorologists for easy identification and analysis of storm systems. A name helps people and the media to identify each cyclone and become more aware of its implications.

Cyclones are named as per the procedure laid down by the World Meteorological Organisation.

Flip through the pages of this ClipBook to know how Gaja and other recent cyclones like Ockhi, Vardah, Laila, and Nargis got their names.


Cyclone Gaja To Make Landfall Today

As cyclone Gaja is set to make landfall between Pamban and Cuddalore on Thursday, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry governments have put in place several measures to safeguard lives and property...

Who Names Indian Cyclones?

According to IMD (India Meteorological Department), the purpose of names was to make it easier for people to understand and remember the tropical cyclone in a region to facilitate disaster risk awareness, preparedness, management, and reduction.

Cyclone Ockhi

The India Met Department (IMD) had officially stated that the deep depression 170 km to the south-east of Kanyakumari had intensified into a named cyclone, Ockhi.This cyclone was active towards the end of November 2017...

Cyclone Vardah

The name of severe cyclonic storm 'Vardah', which has made landfall, hitting the coast 60 km from Chennai, has been given by Pakistan. 'Vardah' means 'red rose'.

Cyclone Phailin

Phailin is the Thai word for sapphire and according to the followed procedure of naming tropical cyclones over the north Indian Ocean, it was a turn of a name suggested by Thailand in the list of assigned names.

Cyclone Laila

The name Laila which means dark-haired beauty or night in Persian was suggested by Pakistan to the India Meteorological Department (IMD) which is tasked by the World Meteorological Organisation to track and name cyclones in the northern Indian Ocean.

Cyclone Nargis

The name 'Nargis' means daffodil in Urdu for the cyclone was suggested by Pakistan to the India Meteorological Department, which is a Regional Specialised Meteorological Center recognised by the World Meteorological Organisation

Cyclone Thane

The name of Cyclone Thane, which hit the eastern coast of India, was named by Myanmar.

Cyclone Mora

Cyclone Mora, the recent most cyclone to hit Bangladesh was formed after heavy rains in Sri Lanka that caused floods and landslides got its name from Thailand. “Mora” is a Thai word, which means “star of the sea” or “sea star”.

Cyclone Roanu

The cyclonic storm Roanu has been named by Maldives. means in Maldivian (Dhivehi).

Cyclone Hudhud

The cyclone which hit Andhra Pradesh and Odisha coast along the Bay of Bengal was named 'Hudhud'. Hudhud has been named after the national bird of Israel. The name was suggested by Oman.

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