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Honey For Your Child

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Children’s love for sugar is no hidden truth. From gorging on delicious sweets to craving for chocolates – many children crave all things sweet. However, consumption of too much sugar can lead to several health problems like weight gain, elevated blood sugar levels, and increased uric acid levels.

It is not easy for children to give up on sugary delights, especially chocolates and ice creams. But, what can we do to ensure that this high consumption of sugar is moderated? Honey can come to our rescue! Yes, the oh-so-sweet honey can act as a substitute for sugar. So, while you cannot cut down on the sugar your child consumes in the form of chocolates and ice creams, you can substitute the sugar in his juices, milk and eatables.

Honey has its own range of diverse benefits – from the well-known soothing of throat to healing of wounds. Honey is a miracle medicine. According to an article published in WebMD, “Ask any parent: When your little one has a cough, no one gets any sleep. But 2 teaspoons of honey before bedtime may safely relieve your child's coughing and make sure everyone gets their ZZZ's.”

So, introduce honey into your child’s diet and discover its many benefits. As a precaution, remember to not give honey to children below the age of one as it can lead to health problems.

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