Honey Beez Play School

About Us!

HoneyBeez Play school was started in the year 2010 and has been striving to achieve excellence by the way of imparting quality education to the Children who start their beginning stages of education. As the saying goes”Catch them young” We at Hone...

Montessori Method!

Our Montessori Trained teachers and staff make them so comfortably felt so that the child grasps and learn often more quickly than other schools. We had changed the lives of so many challenged children and today we are proud that they are excellin...

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Resources - Preschools | 1-4y

Honey Beez Play School

Honey Beez play school, Honey Beez Play SchoolHoney Beez play school
HoneyBeez is a complete School for shaping up a perfect and Bright Future.