Homeschooling In India

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The legality of homeschooling in India and a plethora of Alternative Education schools spread over different states has been debated by educators, lawmakers, and parents since the passing of The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education A...

Homeschooling In India

I am thinking of homeschooling my son in Mumbai. I got interested in the homeschooling / alternative education / unschooling concepts around mid 2010. This is what the blog is about. I put up what I learn. I intend document my journey as my son gr...

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August 31, 2015: Though we had different experiences of school life, the moment we heard about homeschooling both of us loved the concept and immediately decided that we would want to homeschool our children. March 27, 2015: reports on seven coupl...

Homeschooling - Why & How?

Vidya Shankar has great resources for Homeschooling parents.

Is Home-Schooling Good For Your Child? - The Times Of India

While quite a few schools in Chennai rank among the best ones in the country, it comes as a bit of a surprise that many urban parents are doubling up as teachers of their own kids.

India Homeschoolers

Cade and Seth are both schooled at home by Errol and me. We have had a busy year with them and thought we would share some of their works. Check out their blog posts:

Homeschooling On Radio One Chennai 94 3fm

Sangeetha Sriram and Hema Jain, two homeschooling parents from Chennai, shared their thoughts and stories on homeschooling on Radio One Chennai 94.3 ...

Homeschooling India

These last few months have seen a change in attitudes on homeschooling to some extent. More and more parents responding with curiosity rather than knee jerk prejudice at the idea […]

India Matters: Coming Home To School (Part I)

The best thing is not school, at least in their world. It's a world called home schooling, by parents who have opted out of mainstream schooling for their children. Some parents, however, make it a point to refer to it as home education. The home ...

Homeschooling In India Reason #1 - To Bridge Learning Styles

In my previous post (Homeschooling in India – The Starting Point) I shared with you the starting point of our home school journey. Here I want to share the No. 1 reason why we opted for home schooling instead of regular school. Like I said, homesc...

A Sharing From A Home Schooling Parent (1995-2003)

This Video was taken by Dr. Mathew S. Peedikayil at the Indian Homeschooler's Conference 2013. This is out in the open and has a lot of kids running up and ...

Homeschooling Vs. Public School Sahara News Part 1

Homeschooling and public schooling both have their benefits, as a homeschooled child receives a customized curriculum and a child attending public school ...

Homeschooling Geography: India

As part of my home school geography World Unit Studies, come to India with one of the few second generation homeschooling families. See how easy it is to ...

India Homeschooling - Home School Support And Legalities

Resources, support groups and laws for homeschooling in India. Websites recommended by your Homeschool Guide.

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Homeschooling In India

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