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Homemade Ornaments Made By Kids


Kids have insatiable curiosity and always want to be engaged in some action or the other. With the festive season upon us, kids can be taught and encouraged to design and make homemade ornaments that can be given as gifts.

According to, there are many ideas on homemade ornaments that kids can make, such as a simple Christmas tree that involves tracing a cookie cutter onto felt and punching multiple holes. Kids can then glue plastic beads over the holes and hang the tree by a window for a marvellous effect.

Kids can use Legos and pretty ribbons to create do it yourself (DIY) ornaments. Kids aged 4 years and upwards can thread straws and beads into chenille stems to make colourful stars. says handmade ornaments are special as they are not only more affordable than mass produced ornaments but are also unique and fashionable. Plus, making homemade ornaments gives an opportunity to spend some family time together. Also, the creations will stay with your kids right through their adulthood.

There are various types of homemade ornaments kids can make ranging from Origami creations to cupcakes to beaded snowflake ornaments.

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