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Home-based Therapies For Autism


Your autism-affected special child will often have special needs that will require special treatments and therapies. These unique needs might include anything from managing his behaviours and enabling him to learn. In catering to these unique needs of an autistic child, home-based therapies have been proven to work better then the mainstream counterparts, which are mostly school-based.

One such popular home intervention is based on the applied behaviour analysis (ABA) therapy model. According to an article in Family Practice News, “ABA is a highly structured, skills-based therapy that teaches by breaking an objective down into multiple small steps, encouraging the mastery of one step at a time, and rewarding correct responses. Integrating autistic children into regular classrooms is, by comparison, a less structured approach.”

The benefits of home-based therapies come in multiples, as these treatments have led to significant gains in behaviours among autistic children. An article in Wee Care states, “Therapy on the principles of ABA is more individualised and tailored to the specific child. Home-based therapy makes better use of the family’s time (for one, it cuts down on travelling time from therapy centre to therapy centre) and because teaching assistants are used, the cost for intensive therapy is minimised.”

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