Holiday Competitions

Slokas For Kids, By Kids!

A bunch of slokas for your child sung by their peers, brought to you by slokakids.com.

Short And Meaningful Slokas!

Here are some meaningful slokas that you can teach your little one.

Spelling Bee Tips And Tricks

The pint-sized geniuses of the National Spelling Bee admittedly owe a lot of their success to natural abilities, but these super smart kids have also developed a number of specialized study tactics and tips that deserve a fair share of the credit,...

Preparing For An Art Competition

Here are some interesting ways in which you can help your child prepare for an art competition!

Drawing A Scenery - Step-By-Step Guide

Want your child to win in a drawing competition? Here's a step-by-step guide to help your child draw a beautiful scenery.

Clean India Drawing - Step-By-Step Guide

Here's a step-by-step guide to help your child represent a clean India.

Tips To Help Kids With Handwriting Skills

From the concept of jotting letters to the right way to grip a pencil, learning to write by hand can be tricky business for young students. Here's how parents can help!

How To Teach Proper Pencil Grip To Kids

Learning the proper pencil grip can be a little tricky for kids--and it's so important for handwriting! If they learn how to grip the pencil incorrectly and are allowed to continue without correction, it is a hard habit to break. So, let's work on...

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Holiday Competitions

T.I.M.E Kids, Alwarpet, T.I.M.E Kids, AlwarpetT.I.M.E Kids, Alwarpet
This summer, let your child break out and have fun with our exciting competitions!