Hiking In The Himalayas

50 Kickass Himalayan Treks You Should Take In 2015

Pick up your favourite from this list of 50 kickass Himalayan treks you should take in 2015; witness & discover the fascinating beauty of the Himalayas

Here Is What You Need To Know About Trekking In Himalaya.

The Himalayas have always been the most renowned trekking destination in the world. The reason that makes trekking in Himalayas a one of a kind experience is the rugged peaks capped with snow and wrapped in glaciers which possess a sort of challen...

Himalaya Trekking - Gear List

It can get quite cool at night at 5000 meters, while being relatively warm in the lower valleys on approach to peaks and passes. It’s a good idea to have a warm bag, be it synthetic or down. Down really is preferred in the long run for the Himalay...

Expert Tips For Your First Trek To The Indian Himalaya

Yearning to explore the forbidding peaks of the Indian Himalaya, but not sure where to start? These expert tips from a seasoned trekker will help you dodge the newbie mistakes and ensure your journey exceeds expectations. Man hiking in the Himalay...

Equipment For Himalaya Expeditions, Climbing And Trekking

Mountaineers and Climbers - Equipment List for Trekking, Touring, and in Town

Insider Tips: Himalayan Trekking

Why the Himalayas? Trekking among the world's tallest peaks is an adventure that every person should experience, the ultimate entry on the 'bucket list.' Derived from Himal, the Nepali word for mountain, The Himalayas have attracted some of the UK...

Tips For Hiking The Himalaya | Inspire Me | Wanderlust

Although the Himalaya is the world’s loftiest range, with a bit of preparation, anyone can take a hike here. Great taster trek close to Kathmandu, with Buddhist villages, meadows and mountains. The classic trail to take you to the foot of the worl...

Trekking The Himalayas (Annapurna Base Camp)

The trail is like a roller coaster. You either go up or go down, making my journey descending as equally tired as ascending. The beauty of the Himalayas is incomprehensible.

Nepal's Year-Round Trekking Route

, ,” said our guide, Naresh Gurung, describing the three-hour hike we’d just begun toward Three Mountain Lodge in central Nepal. He undulated his hand: “up” and “down”. I’d been on treks in the Himalayas before and wondered if, in a country where ...

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Hiking In The Himalayas

Explore the peaks in the Great Himalayas.