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Helping Your Child Avoid Exhaustion


Most children have high levels of energy. So, when your child complains of feeling, or appears, excessively tired all the time, it should be a cause for concern.

Parents can start by looking at their child’s daily schedule. To better prepare their child to face the future, many parents overload their child’s daily schedule. An article in the dailymail.co.uk says, ‘All any parent wants is for their child to be happy and reach their full potential. While it’s great for kids to have hobbies and explore new activities, the best thing for their mental and physical development is to spend time playing and having fun, letting them shine naturally.’

Other reasons for exhaustion in children include poor diet, anaemia, lack of sleep, lack of activity, too much activity, undiagnosed illness, depression, etc. Therefore, it is important for parents to understand the reason for their child’s exhaustion and ensure that he does not get exhausted.

Parents can learn to cope with their child’s issues in a better way. Some of the things that parents can do are talking to their child to understand how he is coping with his workload, taking a break with their child, providing a calm and peaceful environment at home, and limiting organised activities. Children who are exhausted are restless, inattentive and more likely to injure themselves.

An article in health.clevelandclinic.org says, ‘Everything is not a journey to a destination. Help your child understand that living in the moment is really good for us and is actually quite relaxing.’

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