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Helping Kids Overcome Stage Fright

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It’s the day of a school competition and your child has been preparing hard for it. But just at the time of the performance, she loses her voice and messes it up. She comes back home in tears telling you how she fumbled and froze at the stage. She, like many others, is a victim of     stage fear.

Freezing on stage is not an uncommon occurrence. Many adults too face the fear of facing the public and performing in front of an audience. In fact, many good orators and performers have dealt with stage fear in their childhood, working their way to defeat it to emerge successful. Did you know stage fear or the fear of facing public comes next only to the fear of death?

But, while it is a natural fear, there are ways to overcome it. The Kennedy Centre’s website Arts Edge informs: ‘The root of the nerves varies from child to child, whether it’s being afraid to make a mistake or embarrassed to perform in front of peers. But theatre teachers agree that stage fright can be overcome for the vast majority of children.’

So how do you address this problem in your child?

There are ways in which the child can be trained. Besides making her practise for the performance, it is important to instil some confidence in her. It is essential that you try to uproot the fear completely from her psyche. Make your child practise her performance in front of the mirror and let her pay attention to improving the non-verbal aspects of her communication. With time, she will be able to shed her fear.

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