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Helping Children With Homework


“The same people who never did their homework in high school are still doing that to this very day out in the real world.” — Jules Shear

Homework is not something that excites children. Most children think that it is a waste of time and effort. Although children may not understand the reasons for homework being assigned, doing homework has many positive effects on children’s academic performance. Doing homework prepares children for the next day’s class, helps them practise skills learned in the class and improve their grades.

But most children don’t like the idea of doing homework. As a result, parents start nagging and keep on doing so until their children give in. Acccording to an article in orchidsinternationalschool.com, ‘As parents you must make your kids enjoy their learning process at home. Forcing them to do the homework does not work all the time!’ Instead, parents can motivate their children to do their homework by setting limits for toys or electronic gadgets, rewarding them for doing their work on time, or helping them with problem solving. You can also inspire them with stories of great people, so that they feel like becoming one after they grow up.

A spinoff of helping your children with their homework is the fostering of better parent–child relationship and academic performance. Studies have shown that when parents support their children in completing their homework, children perform better in exams. Also, parents who are involved with their children’s homework are aware of how their children are doing in school.

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