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Help Your Teen Beat Exam Stress


What with difficult schedules, tough subjects and all the competition, exams can be a tough time especially for teens. Here's how you can help your teens. This ClipBook will help you find various ways to teach your teens how to plan and organize their studies to minimize exam stress.


Managing Study Stress: How To Beat Exam Anxiety And Perform Better

Tips from a leading performance anxiety psychologist on how to beat exam stress and reach your full potential.

Teaching Teenagers To Cope With Social Stress

High school students reported more confidence after completing an exercise intended to instill a basic message to help manage tension: People can change.

What To Think About Before An Exam

Simple tips to help student stress. These exam tips will help reduce exam stress and anxiety. This is a key addition to normal revision skills.

How To Cope With Exam Stress & Anxiety

Knowing how to cope with exam stress is something that we all learn as we travel through our education lives. Remembering to look after yourself, both mentally and physically, will allow you to perform at your best and achieve the best grades poss...

Exam Stress And Teenagers

Exam stress can be tough on both teens and their parents. Learn how you can support your teenager through the exam period.

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