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Help Your Child Learn Humility

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Accomplishments and achievements help an individual attain fame and respectability in the society. But the quality of humility endears a person to everyone around him. Being humble makes an individual appear generous, compassionate and welcoming. Humility is also a quality which plays an important role in helping a person succeed and reach the top in his professional life.

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What Is Humility?

Before we talk about how to be more humble, we need to clarify what humility is. There are a lot of misconceptions about humility. The primary misconception I hear is that humility involves...

Humility Is A Trait Worth Having

Recent studies show that humility is connected with many forms of prosocial behavior. While some misunderstand humility as low self-esteem or self-denigration, a proper conception of this virtue has both self-regarding...

10 Reasons To Encourage Humility In Your Kids

Many of the most admired people in the world have incredible humility. There is something very special about a person who can wield great power, while at the same time remain humble. This characteristic is becoming...

The Five Benefits Of Humility For A Leader

Humility gives a leader the capacity to lead out of a position of strength. Though humility is often viewed as a weakness in our loud, proud, take-no-prisoners culture today, it’s actually an incredible gesture of strength.

The Hidden Power Of Humility

“We come nearest to the great when we are great in humility.” – Rabindranath Tagore Humility is a funny thing. In fact, my grandfather used to tell us that he won a medal for his humility, but it was taken away when he began to wear it.

How ‘Intellectual Humility’ Can Make You A Better Person

There’s a well-known Indian parable about six blind men who argue at length about what an elephant feels like. Each has a different idea, and each holds fast to his own view. “It’s like a rope,” says the man who touched the tail.

How To Teach Kids To Be Humble

Although self-confidence is often toted as a desirable attribute, adding humility to the equation adds a perspective that ensures appropriate confidence. Being humble enables you to be courteous to people around you...

Activities For Kids On Humility

While there are many books and Websites devoted to helping parents teach their kids to have high self-esteem, humility often gets overlooked in the modern world. Engaging children in activities and lessons...

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