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Help Your Child Fall In Love With Greens


Eating greens is considered to be the best way of acquiring nutrients. There are over a thousand plants that are edible but we only consume a few of them.

Some of the most popular leafy greens consumed by Indians are fenugreek (methi), spinach (paalak) and mustard (sarson). Leafy greens are a great source of several essential minerals, including iron, calcium, potassium and zinc. 

Eating green vegetables also promises a number of health benefits such as good eyesight, reduced chance of developing certain cancers and a better metabolism. 

With so many, and more, benefits to be obtained by eating greens, we should encourage our children to follow a vegetarian diet. Unfortunately, the fast food culture of today has pushed the habit of eating vegetables to the sidelines. 

Going through our ClipBook will not only help you understand the importance of greens but also how to educate your child and make him fall in love with greens. 


What Are Greens?

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Health Benefits Of Leafy Green Vegetables

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Eating Greens Improves Academic Performance

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Popular Indian Greens

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Recipes With Greens

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