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Help Your Child Deal With Exam Stress



Useful Tips To Help Your Child Deal With Exam Stress

How to deal with exam stress? Here are a few tips that will help you identify whether or not your child is stressed due to the exams and will help you cope with it.

Minimize Stress And Maximize Learning During Exam Time

Here are few tips to minimize stress and maximize learning during exam time. Meditate – An important practice to help slow down the mind, and increase mental clarity.

Role Of Parents In Reducing Exam Stress

Doing away with stress does not seem to be possible these days. And during the exam months the stress levels for both the parents and child escalates like never before. In order to help the child cope with it is important for the parent to control...

Diet, Sleep And Exercise Key To Beating Stress During Exam

For students to perform at their best and control their anxiety during the HSC they will need lots of sleep, a healthy diet, daily exercise and regular reassurance that success in life does not depend on their final mark, says adolescent expert an...

Getting Enough Sleep Is Key To Exam Success, Research Says

According to new research, sleep is key to effective learning, while cramming many topics before an exam doesn't give learners a chance to consolidate information.

How To Support Your Child

​Exam season is always going to be pressured. It's inevitable. But it does not have to be stressful. Pressure can be stimulating, invigorating - it can bring out the best in you. Stress is never helpful.

How To Use Music To Prepare For Exams

Students, the impending horror of exams is nearly upon you. But music can help you out. To put it simply, turn to tunes to terminate the terror of term-time. As with so many psychological phenomena that have both a cognitive and an emotional compo...

How Children Cope With Exam Stress

Exams are among the most stressful life events for most college students. After months of working hard, success or failure boils down to a few short tests. Some people thrive under pressure and excel in exams, but for others, stress and fear of fa...

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