Hello Kids: Tango, Karnataka

All About Hello Kids

Hello Kids is a place where children grow and develop while reading, listening and playing. Hello Kids caters to the age group of 1 ½ to 5 ½ year old kids and offers the best of Montessori, Playway and Gurukul methods of education. Click on the ab...

All About Hello Kids - Tango

Hello Kids - Tango is a Preschool in Karnataka with an excellent infrastructure and abundant facilities. Kids are also taken to field trips and we celebrate various festivals throughout the year. Scroll on to tour the School.

Say No To Pollution

Kids of Hello Kids - Tango had lined up to create awareness of pollution which is spoiling our environment in every form. It was adorable watching our kids shouting out slogans on pollution.

Little Chefs

We conducted cooking activity at School and the little ones enjoyed cooking various salads and sandwiches. They enjoyed eating various recipes as much as they enjoyed cooking.

The End

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Hello Kids: Tango, Karnataka

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