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With a unique, one of its kind concept, Hello Kids is a place where children grow and develop while reading, listening and playing. Here they move from dependence to independence, from shaky coordination to refined skills, from body language to ve...

Preschool Activities

In our preschool we conduct various engaging activities for our children like festival celebrations, annual day, craft making, summer camp etc.

Holi Celebration

The festival of colors, Holi was celebrated in Hello Kids - Skylight among the teachers and children. Kids were excited to play with Holi colors among themselves and enjoyed the celebration.

Kite Festival

Children are always curious about flying kites. Here in our School, we conducted kite festival where the kids were given an opportunity to fly kites in our campus.

Craft - Hat Making

Craft activity for hat making was conducted for kids of our School. Hats were made of chart paper which are decorated and are fitting to their heads.

Movie Time

Movie and imaginative arts experiences play a central role in preschoolers’ learning and development. They will have creativity with free-flowing creative activities.

Annual Day Of Hello Kids

We at Hello Kids - Skylight conducted our Annual Day with the huge presence of parents of our students. Kids had given their best and cute performances on the stage for which parents were so encouraging.

Horse Riding - Fun Activity

Horse-riding is an exceptionally rewarding activity that can equip children with positive skills and a life-long love of horses.

Summer Camp

Summer was made exciting for boys and girls who attended our Summer Camp. Different kind of activities like dance, music etc. kept the children engaged in the camp. Their active participation was really appreciable.

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Hello Kids: Skylight, Vadodara

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