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Hello Kids - Krishna

Here at Hello Kids - Krishna, we believe in bringing up children who are all rounders, who can use their 5 senses effectively by enjoying, exploring and gaining new knowledge. We ensure all round development of the child and expose him to many asp...

Exhibition Held At School

It is important that teachers support kids in presenting something they have learnt in the most beautiful manner. In exhibitions, students get a chance to apply or do the practical aspects they have learned from the Classroom. At our School, we ha...

Role Play At School

Role Play in early years settings is a very important part of child's education. At our School, we had set up a full hospital. We dressed up kids as Doctors, Receptionists and Patients. The little ones of our School found the role play exciting an...

Lot More At School

At Hello Kids - Krishna, we also have lot of other special days such as Sports Day, Festival Days, Annual Day and also many more extra curricular activities.

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Hello Kids: Krishna - Banglore

Hello Kids-Krishna, Hello Kids-KrishnaHello Kids-Krishna
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