Hello Kids: Gurukul, Bangalore

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Hello Kids - Gurukul looks nothing like a Preschool, but rather like a kids heaven. Hello Kids offers you a unique opportunity to be a part of these delightful years and witness the transformation of restless kids into young and confident children...

Annual Day

Annual Day is always special for the teachers and parents of the School to see their children perform on the stage. Cultural programs and prize distribution was also conducted in the function. Parents were so proud to see their little ones' perfor...

Sports Day

The spirit of friendly competition comes alive on Sports Day. In the month of March, we at Hello Kids - Gurukul organised Sports Day of the School. The children participated in a wide range of sports events, cheered on their teammates and learned ...

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Hello Kids: Gurukul, Bangalore

Hello Kids - Gurukul, Hello Kids - GurukulHello Kids - Gurukul
Hello Kids is a place where children grow and develop while reading, listening and playing.