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Hello Kids - Flowers caters to the age group of 1 ½ to 5 ½ year old kids and offers the best of Montessori, Playway and Gurukul methods of education. We believe in bringing up children who are all rounders, who can use their 5 senses effectively b...

Sports Day

Annual Sports Day was conducted in our School where various competitions were conducted for our students. Competitions were also conducted for kids' parents which was the main attraction. The winners were honored with medals.

Christmas Celebrations And Rhymes Competition

Christmas is a time to give and forgive. We at our pre-school celebrated Christmas as a happy time for our children.

Fancy Dress

Our colourful butterflies, sunflower, astronut, carrot, mango, doctor, snow man, sun, junglee, kaveri, raja etc.

Magic Show

We at Hello Kids Flowers conducted a magic show for our little ones. Kids participated and enjoyed the show very well.

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Hello Kids: Flowers, Bangalore

Hello Kids - Flowers, Hello Kids - FlowersHello Kids - Flowers
The chain of pre-schools that believes in enlightening the children by entertaining them.