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With a unique, one of its kind concept, Hello Kids is a place where children grow and develop while reading, listening and playing. Here they move from dependence to independence, from shaky coordination to refined skills, from body language to ve...

Hello Kids Dmps

Here in Hello Kids DMPS, we provide education for playhouse, nursery, L.K.G and H.K.G with Montessori curriculum.

Water Play!

Kids always enjoy playing in water. Water play, both indoor and outdoor, is a unique activity for children because it’s always available, open-ended, and provides opportunities for extended learning.

Holi Celebrations

Holi was celebrated with a splash of color and flowers by the students of our School. Kids were so happy to play with the flowers that they picked them up full in their hands and put on each other.

Puppet Show

Children are always eager to listen to stories. Here at our School we conducted Puppet show in our campus which was fun and exciting for them. The visual approach of the story as puppet characters was so new to them.

Field Trip

Preschool field trips focus on fun but they can bring your kids an educational experience as well. We at Hello Kids - DMPS organised a trip to Balbhavan, Rajkot. Kids enjoyed the funny and exciting trip.

Christmas Celebration

Christmas is a time to give and forgive. Celebrated everywhere as a joyous family affair. We too, celebrated Christmas at Hello Kids - DMPS with our cute Santa. The festive spirit was witnessed among school staff and students.

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Hello Kids: Dmps, Rajkot

Hello Kids - DMPS , Hello Kids - Dmps Hello Kids - DMPS
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