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With a unique, one of its kind concept, HELLO KIDS is a place where children grow & develop while reading, listening and playing. Here they move from dependence to independence, from shaky coordination to refined skills, from body language to ...

Science In Water Play

Splish, splash, bubble, bubble, pop! Water play, both indoor and outdoor, is a unique activity for children because it’s always available, open-ended, and provides opportunities for extended learning.

Importance Of Celebrating Festivals In Preschools

Any good preschool will have a vast portion of its curriculum based on celebration of Festivals. It helps extend the ambience of home, a sense of identity, pride and belonging among the young. It also instils awareness about prevalent culture, cus...

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Hello Kids: Champs World, Bhopal

Hello Kids-Champs World, Hello Kids-Champs WorldHello Kids-Champs World