Hello Kids: Champs, Bangalore

About Hello Kids - Champs

Hello Kids - Champs cater to the age group of 1.6 years to 5.6 years. Our School comprises of 85 students and 8 teachers. We have programs from Play Group to UKG for children. Others call it fun-school, we call it Hello Kids; the chain of Preschoo...

Assessments And Value Added Programs

We have three assessments in an academic year. Apart from usual classes we have value added programs like talking tree sessions, digital puppet show, etc. which are really interesting for kids.

Events And Co & Extracurricular Programs

We celebrate all festivals, Colors Day, Annual Day, Sports Day, Field Trips, etc. Extracurricular activities are also conducted in the School which include dance.

Role Play

Role play is a type of pretend play where children get into character and act out a role or real life context. It is essentially learning through play. Doctor role play was conducted in Hello Kids - Champs, where children learned more about the ro...

Sports Day

Sports day was staged by our School Hello Kids - Champs where students took part in competitive sporting activities with the aim of winning trophies or prizes. Kids were really sportive and energetic in every task.

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Hello Kids: Champs, Bangalore

Hello Kids - Champs, Hello Kids - ChampsHello Kids - Champs