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Hearing Loss: Causes And Treatment

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In a study by the World Health Organisation, it was revealed that around five million children in India were suffering from hearing and speech impairment in 2016.

Hearing loss is one of the most common birth defects, even a mild form of hearing loss affects a child's development. Hearing loss can be of two types:

Sensorineural: This is a permanent type of hearing loss, it is one of the most common type too. Sensorineural hearing loss or SNHL happens when the nerves and hair cells of the inner ear are damaged. So, auditory signals are not properly transmitted to the brain. The person suffering from it may hear sound and speech unclear or muffled even when the volume is loud.

Some of the possible causes of it are: Illness, ototoxic drugs, genetic or hereditary hearing loss, aging, head trauma, malformation of the inner ear and exposure to loud noise.

Conductive: When there are any obstructions in the outer or middle ear, there is hearing loss as sound does not properly conduct through the outer and middle ear. Person suffering from this type of hearing loss may feel a reduction in sound level. They can’t hear faint sounds. Surgery, medicine and hearing aids are treatment options. Some of the possible causes of it are: Fluid in the middle ear, ear infection, allergies, poor eustachian tube function, perforated eardrum, benign tumors, impacted earwax, infection in the ear canal, swimmer’s ear, presence of a foreign body in ears, malformation of the outer ear, ear canal or middle ear.

There could be many instances where both type of hearing loss is present together.

Read the ClipBook below to know more about the treatment options for hearing loss.


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