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Healthy Soups For Your Child

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Does your child have a cold and is refusing any food intake? Is he one of the picky-eaters who prefers to eat only his selective favourites? Or does he hate vegetables and refuse to budge when you ask him to eat healthy? Whatever your child’s food fuss might be about, there is one universal solution – soups.

Whether it’s tomato or carrot, pumpkin or cauliflower, your child will eventually fall into this soupy trap and start loving them. The Internet is aplenty with soup recipes and the stores are stacked with packed soup powders. So whether you are buying the ready-made ones, or cooking it at home, it is extremely easy. And as a recipe article in Real Simple describes, soups can be “thick, smooth, and fully satisfying as a meal in and of itself.”

If those reasons are not good enough, you can consider the numerous health benefits of soups. According to an article about the goodness of soups, published in, “It can also be a healthy way to start off a meal because it tends to be high in vegetables, filling and low in energy density, meaning it has relatively few calories per gram. Choosing foods low in energy density can help you fill up with fewer calories, making it easier to lose weight.”

If you want to ensure that your kid’s meal doesn’t end spattered on the flood, start introducing soups into her diet. Here’s a ClipBook you can refer to for some of the best healthy soups for your child.


Why Is Soup Healthy?

A warm bowl of soup can hit the spot on a cold day. It can also be a healthy way to start off a meal because it tends to be high in vegetables, filling and low in energy density. Homemade soup is a better choice than canned soup, however, because ...

How To Get Your Child To Eat (And Love) Healthy Soups

Getting children to eat healthy foods -- especially healthy soup -- can be quite a challenge. Try some of these simple ideas, and your child will be finishing their bowls in no time.

Creamy Broccoli Soup

Children will love watching the soup transform in the blender, but we love that this dish packs a healthy dose of vitamins and is an exciting way to introduce kids to broccoli!

Creamy Carrot Soup

Carrot soup for children is very healthy and has lot of nutrients.

Simple Chicken Soup

A bowl of steaming homemade chicken soup is good for your child. This one uses lots of veggies and a whole cook for a tasty nutritious boost.

Creamy Tomato Soup

If your children love cream of tomato soup, try making it from scratch with our quick and easy recipe. Add a little extra flavor with fresh basil (or stir in some Cheddar cheese cubes just before serving!).

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