Healthy Foods For Kids

Banana Stem Soup | Simple Indian Recipes

banana stem is good for kidney stone. good medicinal value without going to doctor u can cure it. one glass of banana juice taken in the morning in empty stomach is good for removing kidney stone. Oh is it? Thats amazing!! Thanks for sharing with ...

Peanut Butter Banana Sandwich | Simple Indian Recipes

A quick sandwich with the delicious combination of bananas and peanut butter. Peanut butter banana sandwich is the favorite sandwich of Elvis Presley.

Cauliflower Pakoda - Gobi Pakora | Simple Indian Recipes

Fritters are deep fried snacks that are common all around the world in different cuisines. The Indian version of fritters are popularly known as pakora or Pakoda or pakodi or bajji. I have already shared the recipes for broccoli bajji, bread pakod...

Navadhanya Sundal - 9 Bean Salad | Simple Indian Recipes

Navadhanya Sundal - A south indian salad made with 9 legumes. This flavourful dish is made for festivals and is a healthy protein packed snack.

Keerai Masiyal - Mashed Spinach | Simple Indian Recipes

Easy to prepare keerai masiyal recipe. This healthy Indian style mashed spinach is tasty, healthy and simply superb with rice or roty.

Chatpata Sprouts Salad With Sprouts, Corn And Chaat Spice Mix | Simple Indian Recipes

An easy an quick to prepare healthy salad with moong sprouts, sweet corn and cabbage spiced with chatpata spice mix having chaat masala.

Instant Chocolate Cake | Simple Indian Recipes

Instant Chocolate Cake - A quick chocolate cake that can be made with very few common ingredients.

Bread Omelette | Simple Indian Recipes

Bread Omelette is one of the quickest breakfast recipes that you can put together that is also very tasty and filling. In our house, we make it very often during busy weekdays and also during travels. It is very easy to pack for lunch or picnics. ...

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Healthy Foods For Kids

How to give healthy food for kids