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Healthy Diet For Underweight Children


Childhood is the best time for building strength and stamina. Your children require healthy food for this. But knowledge of which food has what effect on your child's body is important. Underweight children require special care and diet to increase their weight and build endurance. A balanced diet that's rich in proteins, vitamins and essential carbohydrates should be given depending upon the deficiency and the weight to be put on. Essential fats should be served on regular basis and unhealthy food should be avoided.

Underweight children are weaker and are known for having low immunity. Ensuring a healthy diet based upon medical reports can help them recover fast. Nutritionists also suggest that feeding your child five times a day can help meet his nutritional requirement and provide him with the required energy. According to babycenter.com, " For some children, simply adding foods that are "heart-healthy" sources of fat —such as avocados, nuts, and vegetable oils — provides enough additional calories to meet the demands of growth. Try to plan healthy, calorie-dense meals and snacks for your child so he gets enough to eat.”

As children tend to eat small portions of food, multiple servings can increase their daily intake by a considerable amount and can keep them full. Unhealthy food items should not be entertained under any condition. Some of these include high-sugar drinks and preserved food. Some of the essential foods in your child's diet include high-fat milk, balanced amount of unsaturated oils, whole grains, fruits, plenty of fluids and pulses. Also, building their confidence by providing them emotional support and keeping them motivated, can help them eat better and become more healthy.

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