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Healthy Balanced Diet For Your Child


A balanced diet provides the essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for healthy growth, functioning and sustenance of the mind and body. Therefore, it is important to provide our children with a balanced diet that fulfils all the nutritional requirements of the body.

For adequate intake of nutrients, children should eat from all food groups like fruits, vegetables, wholegrains and meats. But most children are often reluctant to eat or picky about different foods, and thus end up avoiding many nutritious foods. As a result, such children often suffer from a deficiency of vitamins and minerals. Making mealtimes fun can be a welcome change for all children and thus help them consume a balanced and healthy diet, especially those who are picky eaters. According to the article ‘Healthy eating: What young children need’ written by Jo Lewin in bbcgoodfood.com, ‘Ensure your child’s nutrient requirements are met by aiming for three balanced meals a day, each containing something a food from each food group with up to two healthy snacks. Get into the habit of trying different types of protein with each meal and a couple of different vegetables’. A well-balanced diet should include proteins, carbohydrates, milk and dairy, meat and fish, and fruits and vegetables.

Along with providing children with healthy food, it is also important to teach a child to make healthy food choices. Some of the things parents can do to encourage healthy eating habits are: avoid placing restrictions on food, making sure healthy foods are available, having meals together, and praising your child’s right food choices.

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