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Healthy Alternatives To Junk Food


From chips loaded with salt to sugary cakes, the taste of junk food can be difficult to resist. However hard one may try to avoid junk food, it is unavoidable.

A sinful slice of chocolate cake here, a packet of chips there, can possibly cause no harm. Or can it? Once in a while can be okay but then junk foods are so addictive that one cannot resist from eating them again and again.

The end result – a number of health problems such as obesity, heart conditions, high blood pressure and certain type of diabetes.

So, what can one do in this situation? The best way is to slowly start replacing your favourite junk food such as ice cream, cakes and chips with healthy alternatives.

Ditch the bag of additives-laced and salty chips. Prepare kale chips at home instead. They are crunchy, easy on the stomach, tasty and loaded with nutrients rather than calories. The same goes for banana bread in place of cakes. Neither is it loaded with sugar nor is it high on calories. You get taste without compromising on health. A win-win situation for you!

Go through this ClipBook that looks at other healthy alternatives to junk food. Here’s to a healthier version of you.


Why Junk Food Is Bad For Kids

Learn how children get into the habit of eating junk food and the harmful effects of consuming junk food on their health and psychology.

How To Detox Your Child From Junk Food

Is your child a junk food addict who loves to eat burgers and pizzas? Junk food can seem appealing for many reasons such as taste, convenience and price. However, these kinds of food have a negative impact on health.

Banana Bread Instead Of Cake

Cakes are rich, soft, fluffy and delicious. But they are also high in calories and sugar. Baking banana bread might be a healthy option. Whole-grain banana bread are a good source of nutrients and fibre.

Frozen Yogurt Instead Of Ice Cream

The next time your child screams for ice cream, try offering frozen yogurt. It is equally delicious in taste, contains probiotics, lower levels of lactose and fewer calories than your regular ice cream.

Kale Chips Instead Of Packaged Chips

Are you addicted to chips? Loaded with salt and additives, chips are bad news for your health. Try kale chips for a change. They are packed with nutrition and offer a host of health benefits.

Homemade Popcorn Instead Of Microwave Popcorn

Popcorn is today considered junk food. However, truth be told, it is one of the healthiest and most affordable snacks around. Again, so long as it is homemade and not of the microwave kind. Swap natural popcorn for packet popcorn that sadly comes ...

Sweet Potatoes Instead Of French Fries

French fries are a universal favourite. However, they are bad for health. Try sweet potatoes instead. They are high in vitamins and fibre and are low in calories. Plus, they taste delicious too!

Homemade Smoothies Instead Of Milkshakes

Milkshakes are a universal favourite. Who can say no to chocolate milkshake? However, homemade smoothies are healthier as they mostly use fresh fruits and vegetables.

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