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Health Tips For Young Mothers

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Being A Fit Mommy!

Eating right and exercising is so important for women and especially moms because a healthy mom brings up a healthy family. We are ones who decide what our husband and children will eat. We are such big influencers, aren’t we? In my quest to learn...

On Water In Take And Pre And Post Work Out Meals

I’ve always wondered about what should I eat before and after a workout cos I don’t want to be half dead without energy during my workout and post one too. I asked Jenn about this and here are her thoughts.

How Did I Shed My Excess Pregnancy Weight?

Weight gain during and after pregnancy is the main concern of the new moms. Post Partum weight gain not only takes a toll on the mothers’ health but also affects her self confidence to some extent.

The Lovely Rejuvenating Yoga Detox Experience!

Amidst the madness of my daily routine packed with dealing with a child and many other random errands I was happy to learn about a 10 day yoga detox program being conducted here in Chennai last month. It was organized by Rutland Gate Yoga Studio a...

Julia Child's Mini Aubergine Pizzas

I recently turned vegan to give my stomach a break from all the acidity issues and was on a look out for some yummy low carb, gluten free vegan recipes. Thanks to Julia Child and pinterest where I found this recipe and was totally blow away by it....

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