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Health Risks To Watch Out Among Teens

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Teen years are challenging not only for youngsters but also for their parents. With a whole lot happeing in a teenager's life, there are also genuine problems like serious health risks. Teens can get into motor accidents and can suffer injuries through violent acts. Sexual violence, bullying and fights all pose health risks to teens. Suicide attempts, teen pregnancy, STDs, nicotine use, illegal drugs, prescription pills and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, obesity, weight problems, etc., are some health challenges in teenagers' lives. These often have serious repercussions in terms of psychological effects on adolescents. Most teenagers often suffer from health problems and anxiety brought on by these problems even in their adult lives.

Other teen health risks include HIV, , infectious diseases like meningitis, anaemia, sleep problems, and psychological issues like depression. Late night use of mobile phones and social media engagements can often cause sleeplessness, anxiety and depression. Teenagers also often become aloof from their parents. So, parents may need to dig deep to find the source of their teen’s problems and subsequent treatment plans.

An article in the who.int website states, "Building life skills in children and adolescents and providing them with psychosocial support in schools and other community settings can help promote good mental health." Many health risks to teenagers are due to their tendency to indulge in risky behaviour at their age. Healthy eating habits and a positive self image can prevent many health problems in teenagers.

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