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Health Effects Of Noise Pollution


Honking vehicles, blaring loudspeakers, low-flying air planes, howling sirens, screeching sounds of trains passing, clamouring construction, blasting televisions, booming headphones...these might be typical urban noises, but they are also the typical causes of excessive noise pollution.

Since we can’t see noise, we are often oblivious to its effects on us, but noise pollution is as dangerous as causing hearing loss! World Health Organisation warns that excessive noise seriously harms human health and interferes with people's daily activities at school, at work, at home and during leisure time.

But that is not it. Noise pollution is extremely detrimental to our health and an article in Psychology Today correlates that. “Excessive noise can lead to a whole host of other serious health problems. These include coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, stress-related health conditions such as migraine, colitis, and ulcers, and decreased sleep and sleep quality. Excessive noise can also lead to emotional problems such as mental fatigue, anxiety, and aggression.”

What is worse, our children are more susceptible to the adverse effects of noise pollution and are more likely to suffer a hearing loss, than adults. In fact, the risks might start during pregnancy itself. A study on Children and Noise published in www.who.int reveals, “Exposure to excessive noise and vibration during pregnancy may result in high frequency hearing loss in the newborn, may be associated with prematurity and growth retardation, although the scientific evidence remains inconclusive.”

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How Noise Pollution Is Harming You

You hear a loud sound, and a stress cascade begins, adrenalin is released, blood vessels constrict, muscles become tense, and blood pressure rises. We are not fully in control of this stress response.

Sources Of Noise Pollution

The industrial source includes the noise from various industries and big machines working at a very high speed and high noise intensity. Non- industrial source of noise includes the noise created by transport/vehicular traffic and the neighbourhood.

Reasons For Hearing Loss: Noise Pollution Levels

It is not without reason that noise pollution is often referred to as the "modern unseen plague." It may be unseen but certainly not unheard! It disturbs us to varying degrees of discomfort, practically everywhere we go, day and night. And, beside...

Noise Pollution: Non-Auditory Effects On Health

Noise, defined as ‘unwanted sound’, is perceived as an environmental stressor and nuisance. Noise interferes in complex task performance, modifies social behavior and causes annoyance. Studies of occupational and environmental noise exposure sugge...

Ways Noise Affects Your Health

The truth is that the distant jackhammers, incessant elevator bells and even the whistling and humming of the people around us can have a real effect on our health and wellness.

Children And Noise

It is logical to consider certain subgroups of children to be particularly at risk for harm from excess noise exposure. These include the foetus, babies and very young infants born pre-term, with low birth weight or small for gestational age. Also...

1.1 Billion People At Risk Of Hearing Loss

Data from studies in middle- and high-income countries analysed by WHO indicate that among teenagers and young adults aged 12-35 years, nearly 50% are exposed to unsafe levels of sound from the use of personal audio devices and around 40% are expo...

Ways To Reduce Noise Pollution

Computers, game systems, televisions and the like all make noise when they’re not in use whether it’s a fan spinning or that high-pitched, barely audible screech some TVs make in standby. Over time, all of these sounds cause stress on the ears. Tu...

Noise Reducing Ideas To Get A Good Night's Sleep

Since moving out of your home or apartment isn’t exactly a viable choice for many, we’ve put together a list of noise reducing ideas to block out loud sounds at home so you can rest easily.

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